• 2016

    Foundation of VEAS BG in Stara Zagora: the capacity of electronic assembly became multiplied.

    KTL painting technology was introduced at VT METAL.

    Router manufacturing for AVM started at VEAS.

    VTES and VT-Mechatronics started cooperation with Apex company group.


    Videoton positioned 52 among the TOP200 Hungarian companies based on its revenue of 2015. Moving 10 positions forward, this was the best place so far, and for the first time since its existence it had been included in the regional (Central European) TOP500.

  • 2015

    With the support of Videoton Holding the manufacturing of the formlabs 3D printer started in Székesfehérvár: after 10 years there was again mechatronic assembly at the company group. Electronics: VEAS. Machined parts: VT Metal.

    VTES manufactures painted sheet metal parts together with the final assembly and the testing of the product.

    The manufacturing of studio microphones for AKG started in Kaposvár.

    The production of the Li-ion battery pack started for Peiker (Valeo).

    VTES started to assemble and deliver the sheet metal cabinets of vending machines for Mars Drink. Electronics: VEAS.

    Tipa in Győr (manufacturer of special purpose machines for Audi) became the member of Videoton Group.

  • 2014

    DZU started to manufacture coils for Schneider Electric.

    The production of Osram LED products started at VEAS.

    VT-ASYST developed 40 automatic manufacturing equipment and 15 automatic testing equipment together with Holding R&D for Videoton Automotive Electronics, VT Plastic, Ibiden. Denso, Infineon, Festo and Sanmina.

  • 2013

    Premium hair dryer manufacturing started for GHD in Kaposvár.

    Emerson Group gave even more businesses to VEAS.

    VEAS received the award of Pegazus.

    Hilase Kft. received Innovation Award.

    VT Metal had expanded its machine park with new electroplating line and two more Brother machining centres.

    VTES improved its production with a new laser-cutting machine.

    Videoton became 75 years old.

    Videoton received Business Superbrands Award.

  • 2012

    The cooperation with TE Connectivity started in the new facility of VT Plastic.

    The electro plating business unit of VT Metal received even more businesses: parts of clutches for LUK, parts of air conditioner compressors for HVCC and cooling plates for Infineon.

    Siren sub-assembly manufacturing for Bosch started in Veszprém.

    The manufacturing of One Access routers started at Videoton Automotive Electronics.

    VTES started to manufacture metal sub-assemblies for automatic Point of Sales for NCR.

    Videoton received D&B Diamond Diploma.

    The manufacturing of special purpose machines became independent as VT-ASYST (VideoTon Automation SYStems & Testers).

    The selling of STS Group.

  • 2011

    The manufacturing of SEWS plastic parts started at VT Plastic.

    The purchasing of STS Technology (today VT Mechatronics).

    VEAS received new businesses from Barco, Socomec, BAG.

    Videoton Automotive Electronics started to manufacture the electronics of shock-absorbers for BWI.

    Ventifilt company was purchased.

    VT Informatika continued its activities under the name of VTES (VT Enclosures & Systems).

    Videoton won the HungarianBrands Award and D&B Diamond Diploma.

  • 2010

    VT Electro-PLAST started NPI and sourcing activities.

    Videoton Automotive Electronics modernized its SMD insertion capacity with FUJI NXT machines (installation of 8 lines until 2013).

    Videoton received HungarianBrands Award.

  • 2009

    VT Metal started matte tin plating and electroless tin-plating of air condition compressors parts for Delphi and established two more electroplating lines.

    Hager transferred the manufacturing of 250 types of products to VEAS.

    VTES introduced powder coating technology into its production.

    The first FUJI NXT line for VEAS was purchased: formation of today’s modern insertion technology.

    The foundation of IMS, Ukraine.

  • 2008

    The cooperation with Sanyo restarted with the manufacturing of battery packs.

    The facility in Marcali was purchased.

    The Ukrainian facility was established with local partner for the wire harness assembly for AFL.

    GE container project started at VT Systemtechnics.

    New business started at DZU: KOPP electrical sub-assemblies, plastic parts of Liebherr fridges, Legrand connectors, and miniature circuit breakers for ABB.

    DZU received ISO/TS 16949: 2002 certification for its automotive wire harness assembly activity.

    The facility in Törökszentmiklós with sheet metal fabrication activity became integrated into VT Informatika, thus creating today’s VTES.

    VT Electro-PLAST and Pannonjob won the Pegazus Award.

    Dute to sourcing strategy changes at Philips VEAS needed to close its facility in Sárbogárd.

    Rhinolight received Hungarian Innovation Award.

  • 2007

    The transfer of Braun iron manufacturing from Barcelona to Kaposvár.

    Plastic parts started to be manufactured for Suzuki Swift and parts of automotive audio products for DM PSS in Veszprém.

    VT Plastic started to manufacture parts of instrument clusters for Visteon.

    Videoton Holding won the best Hungarian Top 200 Companies Award.

    The plant 5 of Videoton Automotive Electronics was opened.

    BRG and Semilab became sold.

  • 2006

    The manufacturing of automotive stamped parts for Lander (later JCI) started in Törökszentmiklós.

    Automotive wire harness assembly for AFL started in DZU.

    VT Plastic also became a Valeo supplier.

    NCR became a customer of VT Informatika.

    KVJ Művek in Nagyvenyim became integrated into the Videoton Group.

    VEAS started to manufacture PCBAs for plasma TVs for Panasonic, DLP and LCD TVs for Sagem and electronics for electricity metering systems for Actaris.

  • 2005

    Saia Burgess and Visteon became customers of Videoton Automotive Electronics.

    Braun kitchen appliance manufacturing started in Kaposvár.

    VT Informatika started the manufacturing of sheet metal parts of coolers for Carrier.

    3M became supplied by high volume plastic parts from Kaposvár.

    VEAS started manufacturing of set-top-boxes for Sagem and TV PCBAs for Samsung.

  • 2004

    Bosch instrument clusters manufacturing: VT Plastic entered the market of automotive decorative parts.

    In Kaposvár the manufacturing of shaver cleaning centres for Braun and life safety circuit breakers for Eaton/Holec started.

    At DZU the manufacturing of water meter registers for Sensus and sub-assemblies of epilators and razors for Braun started.

    The manufacturing of fax machines of Sagem started at VEM.

    Videoton EAS was established by merging the non-automotive electronics manufacturing companies (VEM, TV, Informatika PCBA).

    Bluemax chrome (III) passivation was introduced at VT METAL as their own brand.

    Videoton started cooperation (including several of its subsidiaries) with Microsense, the English traffic management system developer.

    Videoton purchased RHINOLIGHT business share.

    The company Hilase was founded.

    Minority business share of Holografika was purchased.

  • 2003

    The minimum wages doubled: AFL relocated its wire harness assembly activities to Romania. IBM Slider closed down.

    Eaton-Videoton cooperation started.

    VT Informatika railway electronics manufacturing started for Alstom.

    The plastic injection moulding at Veszprém site became part of VT Plastic, thus forming the current a company structure with two sites.

    VEM started to manufacture the electronics of Philips (Sagem) fax machines in Székesfehérvár.

    VT METAL and Videoton Automotive Electronics received ISO/TS 16949 certification.

  • 2002

    Increasing minimal wages + dotcom bubble: Kenwood and Panasonic closed down their European production.

    The hard drive manufacturing business unit of IBM also announced its phase out of the cooperation.

    Philips transferred its hair dryer production from Kaposvár to DZU, Bulgaria.

    Philips iron manufacturing started in Kaposvár.

    Schneider Electric miniature circuit breakers and light switches manufacturing started at DZU.

    By merging the electro plating and machining VT METAL was founded.

    New automotive customers: ITW, Ortech/U-Shin at VT METAL.

    Second chemical nickel plating line was installed at VT METAL.

  • 2001

    The manufacturing of plastic parts of HP office equipment started in Veszprém.

    Philips started manufacturing hair dryers in Kaposvár.

    VEM Kft. started the assembly of PCBAs of Brother fax machines.

    The first production line designed by Videoton was delivered to Denso: today’s VT-ASYST was founded at VT Informatika.

    The building of VEM became expanded and a new insertion facility was built for EMS Company.

    VDO was phased out at Sárbogárd and it became part of VEM. This location mostly became a PCBA supplier of Philips.

    The independent electronics procurement of Videoton started for the PCBAs for TVs of Sony Barcelona.

  • 2000

    Set-top-box manufacturing started with Bull Electronics.

    VT Informatika started the manufacturing of electronics of ebmpapst fans.

    As a result of the huge changes in the minimum wages new strategy was introduced: intensive technological investments, introduction of design and NPI activities into the service portfolio. The electroplating of Visteon products and the chemical nickel plating for Mezőgép (today Linamar) started at VT Galvano Plastic.

  • 1999

    A wire harness assembly company was founded in Törökszentmiklós.

    Texas closed down its factory in Italy and transferred it to the brand new factory building of Videoton.

    Valeo Electronics cooperation: the start of the plant 4 of Videoton Automotive Eelectronics.

    Intensive acquisitions: purchase of BRG Rt., Semilab Rt., DZU AD in Stara Zagora.

    Electroplating lines were renewed by PLC control and the first chemical nickel plating line was established at VT Galvano Plastic.

  • 1998

    The production of kitchen appliances of Philips DAP started in Kaposvár.

    The stamping activities started in Törökszentmiklós.

    The automotive speaker manufacturing for Goodmans started in Kunhegyes.

    Wagner transferred its powder coating spray gun production to Székesfehérvár.

    Videoton-Audio started to manufacture professional audio boxes for Sony, Canton, Tannoy and Bösendorfer.

    IBM power supply production started at VT Informatika for ABB.

    Foundation of VT-Transman.

  • 1997

    Purchase of MBKE (today Videoton Elektro-PLAST) and the sites of Törökszentmiklós and Kunhegyes.

    The first plant of IBM Slider was built in Veszprém.

    The assembly of Sanyo battery packs started in Kaposvár.

    The OBO Bettermann business started and in the next two years the company became one of the biggest customers of VT Galvano Plastic.

    Videoton Automotive Electronics received the QS9000 and the VDA 6.1 certificates.

  • 1996

    The greenfield production of IBM HDDs, the manufacturing of motor protection switches and the Kenwood car radio production started in Székesfehérvár.

    MB Video transferred its Panasonic mini audio production to Videoton.

    The production of mini audio boxes of Philips started in Veszprém.

    The plastic business unit become independent from VT Galvano Plastic thus establishing today’s VT Plastic.

    VT ARTRANS was founded.

  • 1995

    The assembly of front panel PCBAs of CD players with MB Video started at Videoton Televízió. 50 insertion machines were transferred.

    For the same CD players plastic front panels manufacturing started at VT GALVANO PLASTIC.

    The production of TVs with Videoton brand phased out.

    The first new PCBA business for ABB was realized at VT Informatika.

    Mechanical assembly at Videoton Automotive Electronics started.

  • 1994

    The IBM Slider project started in Székesfehérvár.

    The foundation of AFL Videoton (today Videoton Automotive Electronics) to manufacture relays and electronics with 26 employees.

    Wire harness assembly started in Enying and Veszprém together with Michels.

    Alcoa CSI moved to Videoton Industrial Park.

  • 1993

    Emerson moved to Videoton Industrial Park.

    The Mars project ramped up.

    RCD2 phased out.

    Negotiations with AFL, IBM, Matsushita.

    Michels wire harness assembly started in Székesfehérvár.

    Foundation of VIDEOTON-MECHLABOR.

  • 1992

    First new electronics contract manufacturing (CM) business started with Mars Electronics.

    The Philips RCD2 precision mechanical assembly, the supply of SHW oil pumps and speakers for Opel continued.

    The foundation of EUROTON-Electronics.